Anti-Bacterial Screens – How Can They Help?

Especially at this difficult time we find ourselves in situation where we are extremely conscious of the spread of germs, whether this be in the house, workplace or at social events.

There are many ways in which you can reduce the spread of germs, which has been thoroughly discussed  such as washing your hands more, using hand sanitiser and keeping distance between you and your loved ones. All with the end goal to create a healthy environment for us all and this is something we are all trying to achieve.

If you are a key worker or still heading in to the office, it’s important that you feel safe and looked after by your employers. And that additional measures have been taken to provide a safe working environment to keep the risk of spreading bacteria at a low.

With the Safeguard screens, we have designed a screen to safeguard your workplace and employees. The unique addition of treated fabric which offers an anti-bacterial solution, preventing the growth of germs and allows you to effectively clean the screens after each use.

Along with the anti-bacterial fabric, the Safeguard screens use white treated frame work for a clean, medical feel. With a freestanding and desktop solution, the anti-bacterial screen can be welcomed to all environments.

If you’re working within the office, the desktop solution is a fantastic choice. Simply attaching to the desk, with a wide range of colours available. You’ll have a functioning anti-bacterial screen which matches with your current décor.

With the use of extra precautions in the office and utilising anti-bacterial screening and wipe clean options, You’ll be able to keep cleanliness and the spread of bacteria at the fore front of your mind. Working together to keep everyone safe is the main focus and is a continued aim for us all.